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Revision rhinoplasty

Implant Foreign body reaction revision

Revision rhinoplasty
“No more pain for rhinoplasty.”
April.31st Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic’s revision rhinoplasty from various casesRevision rhinoplasty should be treated more carefully than the primary operation. Statistically, the rate of revision rhinoplasty is about 10% and it is mainly about subjective dissatisfaction. The reasons of revision rhinoplasty vary as Self-dissatisfaction, change of the aesthetic criteria with the trends, the implications from one’s surroundings and etc. Some other reasons such as inflammation and severe asymmetry, 1% ~ 2% each, have a low probability. Although there is some individual variation, the stabilization process usually takes about 6 months.A hasty revision rhinoplasty can cause problems of the tissues so sufficient stabilization of the tissues prior to it is recommended.Cases of spotting a problem and undergoing a revision rhinoplasty not long after the primary surgery sometimes happen depending on the cases.Therefore, clear and precise delivery of the patient’s desire to the doctor and finding an expert surgeon for the successful operation are most important.Primary surgery itself is very important too, but if one has to undergo revision rhinoplasty, choosing an expert nose surgeon and a hospital with extensive experience and great skill is essen

                                           Contracted Nose Revision Rhinoplasty

Cases for revision rhinoplasty
Unsatisfying postoperative result.
• postoperative creation of a deviated nose
• unfixed implant
• palpable nose implant
• a postoperative nose that is too high or low
• artificial look due to visible demarcation lines along the sides of the nose
• thinned skin of the tip or bridge / stiffness and immobility of the tip or bridge
• having allergic reaction to the silicone
• unsatisfying postoperative result of nasal tip correction
• unnatural and unrefined nose shape

                                           Contracted Nose Revision Rhinoplasty

Timing for revision rhinoplasty
Whatever the reason of it is, revision rhinoplasty is recommended to be given right after just 1-2 weeks or after waiting 3-6 months.Exception: an inflamed nose needs an immediate operation.

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