Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Flat nose rhinoplasty / Augmentation rhinoplasty


Flat nose rhinoplasty / Augmentation Rhinoplasty
The most common rhinoplasty; heightening the flat nose
boost your nose height and self esteem!
Low nasal bridge!
Nose projection/augmentation to make a nose as of the Caucasian has always been popular among Asians due to the Asian nose characteristic of comparatively low nasal bridge. However, compared to how a sharp and Caucasian-like nose for an Asian face was preferred in the past, the preference is recently changing to a high nose which is yet suitable for an Asian face.April 31st Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic, with its extensive operation cases as its renown, has put up constant effort to achieve more harmonious and natural nose.Augmentation Rhinoplasty is a procedure of using implants(silicone, Gore-Tex, surgiform, etc.) for the nasal bridge and autologous tissue for the nasal tip to raise the nasal height.
Recommended surgical procedures : Augmentation Rhinoplasty +Dynamic Tip Plasty

Low nasal bridge
Raising just the nasal ridge height can be done by using implants such as Gore-Tex but for most of a flat nose cases, it will make an unnatural nose with an artificial look since its ridge will be high starting from the forehead region yet the tip will remain low. Thus, choosing the nose shape most suitable for your face is the most important step.

Weak and flat nasal tip
As the tip plasty is considered very important in rhinoplasty, just a change of the tip can make the overall impression very refined and gentle.

Dynamic Tip Plasty for the flat tip projection

A mere nasal tip plasty for the nose projection can lead on to side effects such as a creation of an unpturned nose or a bulbous nose.Since April 31st Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic’s own Dynamic Tip Plasty preserves and uses one’s own tip alar cartilage(cartilage forming the nasal tip) as much as possible for the projection and allows free mobility of the tip, it can change an upturned or droopy nasal tip to a beautiful and natural one.

Dynamic Tip Plasty and overall rhinoplasty for a flat nose
Rhinoplasty is the second most performed plastic surgery after double eyelid surgery, yet it still has a high revision surgery rate.Unlike blepharoplasty(eye plastic surgery), rhinoplasty involves use of implants. It means that even after a certain period of time with a satisfying postoperative nose, cases of revision surgery due to side effects or deformity of the nasal shape caused by over-inserted foreign substance or over-manipulation of peri-implant tissue may happen. Therefore, sufficient preoperative consulting about what you want and specific details regarding the operation procedures and result is recommended.


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