Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Dr, Jae Hoon Kim and Dr, Sung Wan Park attended -Aesthetic plastic surgery (aps) 2018

Aesthetic plastic surgery (aps) 2018, the international meeting on aesthetic plastic surgery was held on April 7 and 8 2018 at COEX, Seoul, Korea with a theme “the hallyu – Korean wave”.
It was a KSAPS-KAPS-ISAPS joint meeting and organized by Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons.
Dr, Jae Hoon Kim and Dr, Sung Wan Park provided excellent and exceptional presentation regarding rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. 
Key speakers in rhinoplasty were Dean Toriumi(USA) and Nazim Cerkes(Turkey).  Dr. Dean and Nazim are the world's most recognized and respected plastic surgeons. Dr. Dean was on the video discussion of Dr. Jae hoon Kim’s journal. Dr, Jae Hoon Kim provided presentation in English for all the surgeons from all over the world. 

It was such a grand conference in an international setting and also it was an absolute educational experience sharing new techniques and thoughts. Interactions between participants and hosts were heated, Dr Kim and Park also had interesting discussions with doctors from all over the world.

Dr. Kim and Dr. Park discussed key concepts on tip plasty and demonstrated their expertise based on their clinical experience since they are one of the most well-known surgeon in Korea in the field of rhinoplasty. 
April31 Plastic Surgery clinic will consistently study and deliver our exceptional techniques to other surgeons as a representative of rhinoplasty specialist in Korea. 

Seoul Medical Tourism Alliance- April31 plastic surgery clinic

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