Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Incisional Method - Double Eyelid Surgery

Incisional Method
It’s a procedure commonly applied for the cases of thick or sagging eyelid skin, excessive fat of eyelid, or loosened embedding.
It’s a surgical method of making an incision along the line drawn above the eyelid according to the desired height and shape, followed by removal of excess skin, muscle, fat, and connective tissues to make double eyelid fold for the eyes with thick or sagging eyelid skin, excessive fat or loosened embedding.

Candidates for Incisional Method
Suitable candidates for this procedure are decided considering the size of eyes, condition of eyelid tissues, whether blepharoptosis(cause of sleepy eyes) is accompanied or not, desire and expectation of the patient and etc.Generally, the patients who present difficulty in demo-practice of forming double eyelid line with a simple tool, excessive amount of sagging eyelid skin, history of primary double eyelid incision and considering revision operation, thick components of eyelid(muscle, skin, etc) in preoperative consulting are mainly the candidates for the incisional method.

After giving an incision along the pre-arranged eyelid line, an additional removal is given on the parts of excessive muscle and orbital fat as necessary. The sagged skin from the skin incision also gets removed as designed. When the manipulation on eyelid tissues is completed, anatomic and functional aspects of double eyelid including adhesion of the skin and adequate tissue (eyelid plate or muscle) are considered to create natural double eyelid lines.From the various methods of creating double eyelid fold lines such as Levator Muscle Fixation, Tarsal Plate Fixation and etc, April.31st Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic conducts a method that doesn’t leave stitches inside the eyelid tissue to create natural double eyelid fold lines.
Advantages of Incisional Method
1. Wide scope for manipulation with direct vision.2. Less weakening and loss of the fold lines compared to the Buried Sutures Method(non-incisional).

• Duration of Operation : 1 hour
• Anesthesia : IV sedation(under induced sleep) &local anesthesia
• Hospitalization : Unnecessary
• Back to Work : After 4~5 days
• Stitch removal : unnecessary
• Outpatient Treatment : 2~3 times
• Washing Face : after 4~5 days• Make-up : after 4~5 days

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  1. The results of aesthetic Eyelid surgery are usually long-lasting, but they may be affected by heredity and lifestyle factors.