Thursday, October 17, 2013

Squared and wide jaw? V-Line Plastic Surgery!

Face Contouring

Squared and wide jaw? V-Line Plastic Surgery!
V-Line Face
V-line face means literally the shape of lower part of the face resembling 'V'.
To achieve it, the fundamental requirement is the jaw+chin being in the shape of 'V'. There has been a few procedures introduced to achieve the narrow and sleek lower part of the face but none of them provided permanent result. The fundamental solution is shaving the jawbone.

V-Line Squared Jaw Surgery
Squared jaw surgery + chin plastic surgery = V-Line Squared Jaw Plastic Surgery
V-Line plastic surgery is an upgraded version that combined traditional squared jaw surgery and chin plastic surgery.
The traditional squared jaw surgery removed just the bulging part of the jaw from the frontal view. This may give different effectiveness depending on the original facial shape. If the facial shape itself is originally square-shape or when the chin is relatively wide, the result of the traditional squared jaw surgery won't be that dramatic. To maximize the effectiveness of the surgery, we combined the chin plastic surgery with the traditional squared jaw surgery which provides a sleek v-line face.
①Shave the jaw line into a smooth curve.②Centralize the tip of the chin safely without touching the nerves.③Remove the bulging mandibular angle.
④V-line face with a slim chin.

Merits of V-Line Squared Jaw Plastic Surgery
• The procedure is given up to the tip of the chin so the slim facial shape can be seen from any angle.• It provides solution to the people who are unsatisfied with their wide and blunt chin. • We adjust the angle of 'V' in a style that you desire.• It can be applied as an additional/revision surgery for the ones who are not satisfied with their priory jaw surgery.

Surgical Procedures
01. Bulging mandibular angle(Square jaw reduction)- Bulging mandibular angle may give rough and strong impression. - Remove the bulging part to create smooth and natural jaw contour.
02. Wide and big over-all jaw(Long-curve square jaw reduction)- Recently, when one has not just the bulging bone on the sides but generally a big and thick jaw, we reduce the over-all size.- When the whole jaw is reduced, it makes your face look smaller as well.
03. Over-developed masseter(botox injection treatment)
- When one chews hard food a lot or grind one's teeth while sleeping, the massester gets developed and increases in size as well.
-When the muscle is more of the problem rather than the bone, botox injection treatment can reduce the size of the muscle(masseter) allowing less squared jaw.

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