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Lateral Epicanthoplasty (Three-way Extension Method)

Lateral Epicanthoplasty (Three-way Extension Method)
“Harmony is the base of beauty”
If you take a look at some celebrities with beautiful eyes as examples, the ideal ratio of an eye’s medial and lateral length from the pupil should be approximately 1:1.3 with the approximate surface ratio of 1:1.5. This indicates that lateral epicanthoplasty is essential to have beautifully big eyes. Also, the benefits of eye contour correction surgery multiplies when it is conducted with lateral epicanthoplasty together. Three-way Extension Lateral Epicanthoplasty that complemented disadvantages of the traditional method provides beautiful eye contour without reoccurrence or complications. No need to worry about the postoperative scar or artificialness anymore. Reborn with naturally beautiful eyes without the worries of reoccurrence or scar.

“There are various ways of procedures for Lateral Epicanthoplasty”
The biggest disadvantage of lateral epicanthoplasty is reattachment of the extended part since about 1-2mm from 4-5mm incision on the lateral part gets reattached most of the times causing the eye to get smaller than the planned size.However, April.31st Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic’s own Tree-way Extension method, as its name, gives an extension to upper and lower direction of an eye as well with the lateral extension unlike the traditional method which gives just a sharp incision laterally.Also, by relocating the lateral canthus(outer corner of an eye) itself and giving the fixation sutures, the side effects such as reattachment or exposure of conjunctiva have been overcome as much as possible and the length of the lateral extension itself is longer up to 5-6mm.

Free movement of lateral canthus(outer corner of an eye)
April.31st Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic’s own Three-way Extension Lateral Epicanthoplasty corrects whether the eye is slanted or droopy. By changing the direction of the outer corner of the eye, it changes fierce look to gentle and sleepy look to clearer and more charming look.

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