Monday, July 14, 2014

April 31 PS Clinic - International Friendly!

Our Clinic got voted as one of the "International Friendly" clinics in Korea!! Woohoo~~!! Honestly that community is not one of those sponsor/ads site but genuine! I didn't even know our clinic was listed there!! Dr. Kim and our staffs complimented me saying I did my job right, lol! 우리병원이 "international friendly" 병원으로 뽑혔어요! 저거는 돈주고 광고할수있는 단체나 싸이트아님! 나도 몰랐음 뽑힌지!! 김원장님이 칭찬도 해줬음! 회의시간에 박수도 받았음!! ^^ 주말에 이거처음알고 치맥먹었음ㅋㅋㅋ

April31 Plastic Surgery Clinic
Brian Lee
+82-2-5406-777 / +82-10-6402-8360 (kakao talk &whatsapp)
02-5406-777  (if you are currently in Korea)       <----  For more b&a pics.    <----  For more b&a pics.            <----  Let's be facebook friends!^^           <----  Let's be facebook friends!^^

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