Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Long nose rhinoplasty

Long nose rhinoplasty
“No need to keep it for the rest of your life.”
No need to keep it for the rest of your life.An ideal nose length is approximately the middle 1/3 of a face when it’s divided into thirds. When the length of a nose, from eyebrow level to the nasal tip, is longer than one-third, it can make you look stubborn and older.A droopy nasal tip or formation of an arrow-shape tip when one smiles is common in cases of a long nose and it might give a negative impression. A high and sleek nasal tip by Dynamic Tip Plasty allows you look much younger and more vital.

Arrow nose – droopy nasal tip when one smiles
It refers to a nose with a droopy nasal tip that makes its shape like an arrow from the side view.It mostly comes with a hump on the nasal bridge and with the hump and the tip bent toward the lips, it is often described as the nose of a witch from fairy tales.This can make you look stubborn, older than the actual age, and your mouth comparatively protruded due to the droopy nose.However, since an effective image change to bright and younger look can be achieved through the correction of it, it is one of the operations with a high satisfaction level.One of the characteristics for this type of a nose is that the tip is bent toward the lips and its cause can be categorized broadly into 2 cases;
1.Excessive length of the nasal septum cartilage that works as the wall separating the nostrils.
2.Regular length nasal septum cartilage but the alar cartilage(the nose tip cartilage) lagging toward the lips.

Recommended Surgical Procedures
1. Excessive length of the nasal septum cartilage
When the nasal septum cartilage is elongated, the alar cartilage and the nasal tip that are connected to it spontaneously droop downward. Therefore, excising and a portion of the tip of the nasal septum cartilage and re-joining it to the alar can shorten the length of it. However, when the excision of just the nasal septum cartilage is inconvenient, excision of the upper lateral cartilage should be conducted together to shorten the overall length without overstrain.
2. The alar cartilage lagging toward the lips
No excision of the nasal septum cartilage is needed since its length is normal. Excising and re-joining a portion of the alar cartilage can raise the droopy nasal tip upward.

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  1. In Alar Rhinoplasty, you may be limited by your surgeon to smile or open your mouth wide during recovery period as this may disrupt the approximation of the trimmed Ala. This should last for around 3-4 weeks.