Friday, November 1, 2013

Rhinoplasty & Fat Graft

Rhinoplasty & Fat Graft
Make-over at April.31st Clinic!

      Rhinoplasty and fat graft together for a harmonious and more 3-dimensional face!

Dynamic Tip Plasty
What is ‘Dynamic Tip Plasty’?
As the word itself applies, meaning opposite from ‘static’, rather than applying implants all the way to the end of the nasal tip or fixing and maintaining the nasal tip by strong struts(ex.costal cartilage, artificial bone, etc.) merely to meet the aesthetic standards, Dynamic Tip Plasty focuses on creating the utmost natural and unfixed shape of a nose by dynamically transforming and operating autonomic structure tissues such as alar cartilage, nasal septum, etc.
To maintain the nose height considering the angle between the nose(nasal columella) and upper lip and the proportion to the face with sufficient analyze of the shape and condition of one’s own nasal tip alar cartilage, only entirely soft autologous cartilages such as nasal septum and ear-cartilage are being used. In addition, although it reinforces the nasal columella to be strong, doesn’t damage the part keeping the nasal tip soft as much as possible.

                                                   Frontal View Before & After

     Eye contouring and Medial & Lateral canthoplasty for more clear and defined eyes!

                                                   Side View Before & After

Eye Contouring for more defined eyes!
This procedure allows you to open your eyes more clearly and comfortably by tightening loosened eyelid levator or Muller muscle which are the muscles that open an eye. Also, by refining double eyelid fold, it changes the sleepy eyes to big and clear eyes with brighter and younger look. Comfortable and clear opening of the eyes can be felt even right after the operation.

                                                     45 degree Before & After

See the make-over at once!

Zygoma reduction under just simple IV sedation! No pressure of general anesthesia!
High yet natural! Sleek yet natural! Nasal tip is the key!

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